Painting is an expression of an artist's individuality, a layout of shapes and colours that show their philosophy. The experience of the artist is a significant component of the artwork.
My work explores how spatial experience and the emotions that come from that experience, can be envisaged through a two-dimensional medium, especially through the use of colours. Continuous artworks that address spatial experience, and the topic of experience and its effects expressed by colour have a profound relationship. This spatial experience is investigated through painting and emphasises the painters' experience and emotion through the use of colour. As a general rule, works are heavily influenced by experience.
These special experiences lead ‘affects’, ‘emotions’, ‘experiences’, ‘feeling’, ‘colours’, ‘expression’, ‘immerse sensation’, ‘immanent’, ‘synaesthesia’. Affect is a concept used in psychology to describe the experience of feeling or emotion. The term "affect" takes on a different meaning in other fields.
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