Relaying the experiences, memories, and feelings of the artist.
Some special, others mundane, the artist's spatial and sensory experiences are captured and shared in her works, and suggest  the viewer to project their own experience, leading to a new perspective.
The use of both Eastern and Western materials reflect the artist's wish to convoke all to meet in the two dimensional space she creates.
‘Art is not a handicraft; it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced (Tolstoy, 1960).’ This famous quote by Leo Tolstoy implies that art is a method of expression feelings from one’s experience. Painting is an expression of an artist’s individuality, a layout of shapes and colours that show their philosophy. The experience of the artist is a significant component of the artwork.

My work explores how spatial experience and the emotions that come from that experience, can be envisaged through a two-dimensional medium, especially through the use of colours. Continuous artworks that address spatial experience, and the topic of experience and its effects expressed by colour have a profound relationship. This spatial experience is investigated through painting and emphasises the painters’ experience and emotion using colour.

As a general rule, works are heavily influenced by experience. These special experiences lead ‘affects’, ‘emotions’, ‘experiences’, ‘feeling’, ‘colours’, ‘expression’, ‘immerse sensation’, ‘immanent’, ‘synaesthesia’. Affect is a concept used in psychology to describe the experience of feeling or emotion. The term “affect” takes on a different meaning in other fields.

I want to share the senses I have experienced with the audiences who communicate and sympathise with my work. I want to interpret and feel differently through the viewers because the audiences who watch my work have different environments, thoughts, and experiences. It is interesting to see it from a new perspective. Through my works, spatial experiences and emotions are shared, and those who see it again want to give another thought and experience through my work. As it is an experimental space, my works and visitors can share and think about each other and exhibit.
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